4th Grade Postcards

This year 4th grade will be learning our states and capitals.  As part of promoting our awareness of the states, we decided to try to get a postcard from all 50 states.  We have been sharing our project on different social media sites and with family and friends.  The results have been amazing!  Mrs. Bond’s Facebook post alone was shared 1500 times!  

Since September, we have received over 200 postcards!  Currently, we still need 3 states: Mississippi, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.  

 We asked people to share interesting facts or information about their states on their postcards.  The people of the United States have shared lots of interesting facts for our students.   We have learned about national parks, climates of the states, interesting and fun facts, and historical information!

Not only have we received post cards, we have received a few other items to make this experience even more exciting!

 -Root Beer made in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (we had a root beer float party with these)

-Presidential Coins

-A Rock that contain crystals that are mined and made into jewelry from Maine

-Post Cards from Japan (a 5th grade class learning English)

-Post Card from Guam (we had to look up the location and learned it is a territory of the US)

-Post Card from Australia

-Homemade cards for each student from Louisiana

-Cups, Pencils, and Stickers from the home of the first 9-1-1 call (Alabama)

 We are simply overwhelmed and so excited about how this project took off!  The citizens of this great country truly stepped up to help our students with this project and we could not be more grateful!  Also.... several people wrote on their cards.... "We googled Zalma, MO!” We truly did put Zalma on the map!

Great Job 4th Grade and Mrs. Bond!