Shelby Photo

September Bulldog Spotlight

Our spotlight this month is Erin Shelby. Erin is our district Art teacher and an amazing person. Erin has shared a few details with us that many may not know about our awesome Mrs. Shelby.

Erin is dedicated to her family and friends. She is inspired by her yearbook staff made up of students she has taught for years here at Zalma. She is into rock and folk country music. Mrs. Shelby attended Ozzfest 1999 and a Ted Nugent concert!
Erin has even been to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Erin Shelby loves all animals, but especially the fox. She loves cheese pizza and cheeseburgers. But most of all, she loves her family and her students. Erin lights up with pride and joy when her students share their artwork, pictures of their lives, and all things relating to art.

Her favorite part of working at Zalma is the small community that allows for smaller class sizes. This helps her to give more one on one time to her students.

We love Mrs. Erin Shelby, the amazing Art Teacher here at
Zalma R-5. She is a huge part of the family atmosphere in our high school. When you enjoy the school yearbook, the banners of our seniors, and the decorations around the district, you should think of Erin Shelby. She makes all of that happen and more!